Geoff's club was created to be the  worlds premier global online marketplace dedicated to giving access to consumers to the latest technology from the US and all around the globe. We believe we are the turn key destination for you the sophisticated global consumer. Our teams want to service the growing global demand by consumers for the products and services to support all the phases and facets of people’s lives. We want our consumers to buy products and brands so they can be the first in their countries and local regions to have it, hold it feel it touch it and be seen with it. The one true destination that allows consumers to help set the trends and to be in front of the crowd. We believe the modern consumer comes in all shapes and sizes and grow in all different ways and we are dedicated to model our business as being as flexible and adaptable as their lives are. Whether your a leader, the quiet achiever, a motivator or influencer in any and all facets of life Geoff's club is your destination. Our goal is to be on the lips of the global trend setters influencing and shaping a better world and enhancing the global consumer lives. The global consumer is more intelligent, more sophisticated and more savvy than ever before and we have positioned ourselves to be the door to open to their world. Simply turn the key and Geoff's club will open the world of possibilities to you.

Whether it’s getting your education, landing your first job, getting engaged to your one true love, buying your first house or having a child Geoff's clubs teams wants to be their to enhance our members each step of the way.

We are dedicated to sourcing the best premium brands and products for you to enhance your home and your workspace, for traveling around the globe or for staying connected with your friends and family. Whether you wear it, ride it, make it, watch it, enjoy it or design it we have the products for you. Our members work hard and want to be rewarded for it and we are here to help.


Our philosophy is to provide you with the tech that enhances your life anytime, anywhere. We back that up with dedicated teams around the world focused on providing you a premier support services to make sure your experience with us is as smooth and convenient as possible.

We wanted to create a memberships based site that didn’t rely solely on sales but to bring a more meaningful approach to consumerism. We want to inform, inspire, educate and sell the latest products and brands that are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives.

Then we wanted to take that concept and make it available to the world We want to attract members from all nations, colours, creeds and cultures that lead, inspire, motivate and influence the world and supply them with the latest consumer electronics and products they need.

If we can create change it’s through increasing equality of access to technology for all people on earth. Whether your in Africa or America you should have equality of access to products that can enhance your life. Geoff's club is making the world smaller by connecting people to technology.

Worldwide consumers face delays in accessing the latest consumer products Our solution was to develop an e-marketplace with the following features

⁃ it will be an online destination for all things in the electronics market ⁃ It will provide its members with a personalized shopping experience ⁃ It will make insured deliveries worldwide and have a convenient return process ⁃ It’s knowledgeable and friendly customer support team will be available 24/7/366 to help customer solve their issue