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Frequently Asked Question

What payment methods Geoff's Club accept? 

Geoffs accepts all gateways including debit cards, Visa MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay and other available options.

How to use payment option?

Fill out your shipping information and right after you can choose all available options from the list pick your desired payment method.

How will I know that my transection is successful?

We will send you a receipt by email as soon as the transection is sucessful or if you have any problems with checking out contact to our support.

Is the Geoffs club payment method secure?

Since we are using all third party global payment gateways that always allows secure checkouts, we never ask for details seprately. For more information contact our support.

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Geoffs Club is the largest online marketplace delivering products/services worldwide with over 3 million products to select from, We offer comprehensive listing of products worldwide. Whether you’re looking for electronics, apparel, appliances, or health & beauty – there is something for everyone. We have made international shopping very convenient.

Hassle Free Delivery Online shopping is as good as never before Geoff's Club promises hassle free delivery right from the moment you order.

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