Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl, 3 Pack

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  • Modern look
  • Strong suction base
  • Easy parent removal
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
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New moms need not be worried about feeding! We are here to assist you with our exceptional products for breastfeeding your babies. When we talk about feeding, it does not only mean feeding the baby and the products for that. Instead, it also means the care our new moms need to give themselves too. This is because if the mother is healthy and fresh only then she can nourish her child to the best of her abilities. 

So, along with products for feeding the babies, we, at Geoff's Club also are bringing products for mothers and their comfort. We have a  Frida mom breast care kit and other kits too to help mothers in taking care of their sensitive skin during the period of breastfeeding. It is not as easy as it sounds when we say the word ‘breastfeeding’. This is because when the baby starts teething, they try to chew anything they see. So, during feeding, the skin also gets tender and sensitive. Our breast care kit has all the creams to soothe the area and to keep it clean for the next time feeding as babies tend to get hungry every 2 to 3 hours.

Not only this kit, but we also have pillows to help mothers in taking the baby’s weight off of their arms while feeding as it can tire them out and may even give a stiff muscle in their arm. There are many more products like baby utensils, baby formula dispensers, baby silicone bibs, baby fruit feeders, and baby burp cloths to help parents and taking care of their babies better. All the products are well researched and then created just for the comfort and betterment of the new parents and their babies. Let’s get to know these interesting and thoughtful products in detail:

Organized And Mess-Free Utensils

Want to keep things organized? Is your baby making a mess everywhere where they eat? Want to save their clothes from getting dirty? Do you want your babies to learn to feed themselves? Don’t worry, Geoffs Club has got your back! At Geoff's Club, we have all the products/utensils needed like a sip n snack cup, silicone drinking cup, baby bandana drool bibs, and feeding bibs for babies to help you keep your baby clean and also the environment where they play or mess around. Not only that, you can keep their foods from making a mess by using the products here at Geoff's Club. 

  • We provide you with a product Kids Placemat Non-Slip Food-Grade to help you keep the place clean where the baby is eating. For an instant, you can put this grade over the tabletop where your toddler is eating and playing with food. In this way, the tabletop will be mess-free, and also the grade can easily be washed by just passing it through the water, or wiping it with a paper towel. The food will not spill all over the floor from the tabletop if the grade is placed over it. This way, your baby will eat happily by playing with his food, and also not create havoc all over the place. It kind of sticks to the tabletop so that baby cannot remove it however much they try, but you can easily pick it off whenever you want, as it is made out of rubber. 
  • We also provide you with baby bibs to keep their clothes clean whenever they are playing with or eating their food. To keep their clothes protected you can use Haakaa Silicone Bibs - Unisex Bibs available at Geoffs Club for reasonable prices. It is a unisex bib that can be used by babies of both genders. Babies of all sizes and ages can wear it over their clothing without feeling uncomfortable. It is breathable and allows your baby to feel warm and cozy. You can easily adjust the size to however open or close you want it to be. 
  • There is a Baby Suction Bowl and Spoon Set too at Geoff's Club so that you can make your baby get used to the utensils. Start with the light-weighted ones that don’t have sharp corners to help the baby as well as keep them protected from harming themselves while playing. These are soft rubber products that make your baby familiar with the concept of utensils as well as self-feeding. 
  • Other than that, you can use bowls that are spill-free to ensure maximum cleanliness. Baby Feeding Bowl Nonslip Spill Proof is the product that you can use for this purpose from Geoff's Club. From Geoff's Club, you can have anything you desire to have for your baby to help them in self-growth and learning. 

Assemble Food Bottle-Feeding

Assembling baby food is hard because one moment the baby is hungry while the other they are deep asleep. When you come back after preparing the baby’s bottle, he is already asleep then it wastes the milk. 

  • In this case, Geoffs Club provides you with a New 98° Digital Bottle Warmer that helps to keep the milk warm, and safe. In this product, you can store the milk in a bottle with the feeder nip top whenever you want, and when you want to reheat the milk for your baby, you can easily remove the nipple top, and seal the warmer over the top as a lid, and then put it upside down to warn the milk. When you have warmed the milk, you can again flip the warmer, then take it off, and put the nipple lid back on to feed your baby warm and safe milk. This bottle warmer is a small portable machine that can easily be taken anywhere. You can just plug the cord, and use this milk warmer. A good thing about this warmer is that it keeps the milk warm for about 30 minutes before the temperature starts decreasing. The warmer comes with different bottle fitters, about 4 different sizes, so it fits major bottles easily and is leak-free. All you need to do is press and hold down for 2 seconds on the start button to start or stop it. You can read the instructions on the box if you want to follow proper instruction manuals and have a safe use. 
  • Other than this bottle warmer, Geoffs Club provides you with other bottle-feeding products, like Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup that helps to keep the baby’s milk warm all the time. It comes with a Sippy that helps to avoid the spilling of milk. Its ability to keep things at their temperature is about 15 hours, which is a lot. There are double stainless steel insulator walls that help to maintain this feature. It comes with an easy-open or closed lid, with a straw inside to help babies drink their milk easily. There are handles on both sides antiparallel to each other to help babies to grip the bottle easily. You can use this product for kids of any age, from 18 months to so on.  It can easily be washed so be carefree and let your baby enjoy their cold/warm milk. Anything you want for your babies, to help them drink easily and take up the habit of drinking from cups or bottles, Geoffs Club will help you with different products for bottle-feeding your babies.

Mother’s Comfort Breastfeeding Pillow And Much More At Geoff's Club

Geoffs Club has made breastfeeding easier for all the mothers out there. With us, you can not only feed your baby comfortably but also with easier self-care. Take care of your body and health all the while keeping your baby’s health in your mind. Breastfeeding is not easy, it tires you out as well as makes your body ache. Not only that, breastfeeding dries the area, and cracks it making it itchy and irritated all the time, and also causes blockage of milk ducts and mastitis, which is a breast infection. Mother also gets pain due to excess pumping, and staying in the same position for a long time causes the stoppage of blood flow there for the time being making it extremely hard. Hence why we, at Geoff's Club, have a lot of products related to breastfeeding like manual breast pumps, Elvie single electric breast pumps, Medela breast shields, organic nipple cream, etc. to help all mothers. 

  • Make breastfeeding comfortable with our Mom Adjustable Nursing Pillow to keep you relaxed and cozy all the while feeding your baby. This nursing pillow has a soft t-shirt material covering and is softly firm. You can remove the layers as per your wish. 
  • Other than this, Geoffs Club also provides you with a pleasing product, Mom Breast Care Self Care Kit - 2-in-1 containing all the self-care essentials related to breastfeeding. It contains essential products such as a lactation massager along with its USB cord and pouch, 2 small and 2 large sets of instant heat breast warmers, 2 masks of hydration breast, and 2 masks of lactation breast. The massager helps to stop the blockage of milk ducts and maintain the breast shape. 
  • Other than that, Geoffs Club provides you with a simple nursing pillow that is easily portable and allows easier breastfeeding. It is named Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow and keeps the baby at a comfortable angle and also lets you relax while breastfeeding. 

Go to Geoffs Club and buy the best breastfeeding products like Lansinoh extra pumping set, Medela nipple shield, boppy pillow for baby, Lansinoh breastfeeding starter set, breastfeeding nipple shield, etc. to help you in every way possible. Let your motherhood come easy to you, and enjoy the moment of closure with your baby without any pain or distress, with the help of these breastfeeding products from Geoffs Club.

Multifunctional Food Blenders

Blending food is important when the baby is near the age of 2, but you need to blend them freshly to give proper and healthy nutrition to your baby. It is hard to always be going into the kitchen to blend something, and you can’t even keep the blended food stored for a long time. This problem of yours has also been solved by Geoffs Club with our LOZAYI Portable Blender. Suppose you are out of your house, and can’t blend food immediately for when your baby is hungry. At that time, a food blender is essential. Hence why portable food blenders are made. These portable food blenders from Geoffs Club help you to blend food for your baby anywhere, anytime. As they are small in size, you can carry them with you on a trip, and due to their battery life, you can use them for a long time without any outlet needed. Another thing about food blenders is that they are multifunctional. 

Not only do they let you blend the food immediately, but you can also store them in the blender as it works as a swap for bottles due to its sealable feature. Now with the help of our food blender at Geoffs Club, mothers’ lives have become easier as they are now tension free when it comes to giving healthy smoothies to their babies. The good thing about the food blender is that it comes with its power band and car charger so you can charge it whenever you want. It also has a wall charger that you can use when you are at home. You just need to charge it for about 3-4 hours and use it for a long time but don’t use it while it's charging. You should not put bigger chunks of hard things like carrots, as there are six leaf-like sharp blades but these big hard chunks will damage them. You are not supposed to put the whole blender in water, just the top unattached part can be washed. Make the best use of the food blender and make smoothies anywhere with the help of this LOZAYI Portable Blender available at Geoffs Club.

Why Us

Geoffs Club is a worldwide known website to sell high-quality self-care products, baby essentials, as well as other products that too at reasonable prices to help you have a happy and satisfied shopping experience from us. We keep our customers’ satisfaction and happiness is our priority and only sell the things we know are beneficial for all types of customers. The prices are kept from low to high to ensure a great shopping experience. Make sure you check our website to find all the latest products regarding baby utensils, mothers’ self-care products, and even things related to baby food like the first years' soft spout trainer cups, car seat covers for babies, silicone placemats, baby fork, and spoon set, Lansinoh signature pro double electric breast pump, silicone fruit teether, baby fruit pacifier and a lot more.